"Illuminationen in ihrer Unberührtheit"

 One of our latest acquisitions was until recently on view in the exhibition "Der Wert des Originals" (03.11.2014-12.04.2015), held at the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach. 

A small book of hours in-octavo (153 x 90 mm) with 13 full-page miniatures made for the rather rare liturgical use of Saint-Etienne in Dijon caused quite some excitement in the Antiquariat Bibermühle.

Not only are the miniatures'  intense colors striking, but also the almost sketchy but accurate swiftly placed brushwork make this illuminator's beautifully vibrant miniatures framed by exquisite Renaissance borders painted in liquid gold a fascinating work of art.

Although this artist has been known to scholars for several years, it was only in 2011 that François Avril ("Le livre d'heures de Jean de Bruyères et Jeanne de Recourt", Art de l'enluminure 39 (2011), pp. 2-65) assembled the work of this illuminator, active in Dijon in the 1520s and 1530s, and even could propose a name for this intriguing character: Oudot Matuchet. 

And our hitherto unknown book of hours illuminated by Oudot Matuchet tells us something quite interesting about the working practices of this Dijonese painter, which connects very well with his already observed affinity to prints: A number of his miniatures are based on printed Parisian books of hours and adopt compositions that the Master of the Apocalypse of the Sainte Chapelle (also known as the Master of the Très Petites Heures d'Anne de Bretagne or The Master of the Unicorn Tapestries) made for Simon Vostre (1498) and Anthoine Vérard, and those that Jean Pichore created for Thielman Kerver (1504-6).

A very particular manuscript that adds wonderfully to our collection of 375 printed books of hours that will be published in altogether nine volumes in the next weeks. 

ill. no. 2: Horae, Th. Kerver, 17.12.1505, printed on parchment (Antiquariat Bibermühle)

ill. no. 4: Horae for the use of Poitiers, Ph. Pigouchet for S. Vostre, 8.8.1498 (Antiquariat Bibermühle)